Just In Time Therapy
About Us
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+ Skill sets
We specialize in balance training, pain management, strength building, endurance training, ordering equipment, coordination training and teaching you and your family how to take care of yourself
+ Creativity
We work with your home environment to create our own therapy space to enable you to exercise
+ Resources
We partner with vendors in the community to help with ordering wheelchairs, walkers, commodes, special shoes and customized equipment
+ Ethics
We write our frequencies based on what you need and abide by our professional organization’s Code of Ethics
+ Strategies
We build your exercise program based on strategies to improve your function: improve ease of rising from a chair, enable you to get out of the tub safer and improve your cardiovascular endurance  for community activities.

Our vision is to deliver home services that are patient centered, organized, efficient and based on science.

We are a mobile practice of therapists that travel to patients’ homes to deliver physical, occupational, and speech therapy services.

We partner with local home health care agencies to provide services under your insurance company’s home health care benefit which requires you to be homebound or to have great difficulty in leaving your home.

If you are not homebound and prefer the convenience and privacy of a therapist coming to your home, we can directly bill your insurance company for physical, occupational, and speech therapy under your insurance company’s outpatient benefit.

For those who are looking for maintenance therapy, personal training, or health and wellness programs, we can bill you under a private pay arrangement for our services.